Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!


In honor of the day, a stroll down memory lane of some of the many family costumes thru the years:

Lt. Marah
Princess Adra

Devilish Reed, Flapper Marah, Princess Adra, Merry Philip and Mickey Nick

Mattias with friend
Mattias with Grandpa Gerry at work
Her Royal Highness does tea

Jax with Granpa Gerry at work
That's CAP'N Gerry Sparrow, if you please!



Woody aka Jax at Disney World
Buzz "Mattias" Lightyear at DisneyWorld

Friends Sue and John show up in style for last year's Halloween party!

 Don't eat too much candy - Christmas is soon upon us!

~later, tw


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Summer Fun & More Mariners (of course!)

More random summer photos (I am determined to clear out the Inbox!!)


The Lynches came up for another summer weekend mid-July.  First there were chores to do.

Then a little time to try out bike riding.  (Safety first!)

Then off to the ballpark for another afternoon with the Mariners:

Dippin' Dots and the M's - doesn't get any better!


Brotherly love!

Debating that "righty-lefty" thing!
 ~later, tw

Monday, October 29, 2012

Mariner game June 17, 2012

I have quite a number of photo albums that Gerry has put together of summer events.  The notice of each is sitting in my Inbox so I'm going to try to get some of them posted here (in totally random order and fashion as usual!)

We went to the Mariner game on June 17th with Jenny and family.  It was Jax's first try at "Dippin' Dots" (which only got a so-so review).  The big hit of the day though was visiting the outfield playground.


~later, tw

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mariner All*Star Suite

All season long we've been trading in some of our Mariners tickets.  Sometimes it's because we can't go, sometimes it's because no one else can go, sometimes we got tickets for games we thought someone could go with us.  The ticket office and all their employees have been absolutely fabulous about this.  At their suggestion, they would help us find random seats for the final game of the season so that we didn't lose any $$ on our season ticket package.

We decided this year to give ourselves a little treat (since the team clearly wasn't up to providing anything to cheer about at the end of this "yet-another-rebuilding-effort") and we gathered up all the little "onesies and twosies" tickets and traded them in for a pair of tickets in the All*Star Suite.

I think this is something new this year and there are even people who purchase entire half-season or full-season tickets for this place (though Gerry and I agree that would be really overdoing it!).  The Mariners have taken 3 (or possibly even 4) of their existing suites (that probably would have remained unsold most of the season) and redesigned them into a wonderful venue to watch the game.  The package includes more food/beverage than you could ever hope to consume (you can purchase beer/wine/liquor right there at the bar in the suite).

Chef Michael develops his own menu for each game and it's truly something special - probably the best food I've had not only in the park (we have dined on everything from Mariner dogs to Hit It Here Cafe to the Diamond Club buffet) but better than most restaurants.  Last night's menu included three AMAZING SALADS (a Greek one, a "regular" - not that there was anything remotely "regular" about it! - one with raspberries and pears and a wonderful raspberry viniagrette, and a beautiful Caesar salad with freshly shaved parm...that one lost a couple of points because the dressing was on the side.  I realize that not all people groove on Caesar salad but it is really one salad that needs to be dressed before serving since it is difficult to really get it all tossed together by dolloping the dressing on top.)

The entrees were: Beef Loin (aka Prime Rib) with a mushroom medley and Chicken Parmesan (incredibly moist and, as everything there, wonderfully delicious).

The dinner is served from 2 hours before game time until ~ 1 hour into the game but not to worry, you won't be going hungry for long.  On the back wall near the carvery, there is a full assortment of "baseball grub" - Mariner dogs, brats, popcorn, peanuts (oddly no cracker jacks).  On the opposite side of the bar you find the desserts.  Again these were amazing FRESHLY made cakes, pies, cookies with a soft serve ice cream machine, waffle cones, cups and an assortment of "toppings."

Best of all - the bar served the BEST ICE TEA I'VE EVER HAD AT SAFECO (which I know doesn't sound like much since Safeco's ice tea is HORRIBLE but this was really good tea!)

Oh yeah - there was a game being played by two teams who have absolutely nothing to play for.  We thought maybe we would see one last great game by Felix but not so much.  Here's to yet another rebuilding year in 2013 (though I'm thinking we will still finish in 4th place in the AL West at least it won't be LAST place since Houston is joining the division).

We still have one more game to enjoy - the final game on Wednesday afternoon - before the season is officially over (for us anyway - I'm going to cheer on the Nats who are going to their first playoff!)

~later, tw